Swedish Pizza Championships Include Bone Marrow And Cabbage Winner

Quick, what’s the weirdest pizza you can imagine? You still probably can’t top this year’s Swedish Pizza Championships winner, whose pie included toppings like bone marrow and cabbage.

A pizza topped with smoked beef bone marrow, pickled cabbage and sour cream won the title of “Pizza Baker of the Year” for Jonas Karlsson, a contestant in the Swedish Pizza Championships this week. While that sounds pretty gross, the competition judges were taken with Karlsson’s dedication and passion for pizza.

“The winner has created a pizza with both love and passion, and with a great respect for the ingredients. The winner has pushed the pizza into the top echelons of modern gastronomy,” a jury member said in a statement.

Karlsson is a chef at Speceriet in central Stockholm, and dominated his competition which included Frida Ceveryd from Stantons in Varberg and Adem Tokmark from Vapiano. He won the finals, which were held at Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm on Wednesday.

Ceveryd’s pie was a “horseradish luxury” and Tokmark offered a “Vitello con Ruccola.”

But it was Karlsson’s specialty that won the day, and he was pleased as peaches to be taking home the prize. His bone marrow and cabbage pizza is a popular dish among Swedes.

“Most people have a relation to the pizza and everyone has their favourite. I want to show with my special pizza that you don’t need to use expensive ingredients for it to taste good,” he said of the unconventional pie.

The pizza championships are an annual event held by Fast Food Magazine, along with a handful of food industry companies. Would you ever try a bone marrow and cabbage pizza? Sound off in the comments below!

[Image via: Peerajit Dittain / Shutterstock]