8 Really stupid photoshop mistakes by the pros

Personally I get the shakes at the very thought of using Photoshop but it most definitely is a requirement these days for anyone working as a professional photographer. So you would think that given the level of professionalism needed when processing photographs you wouldn’t see any really silly mistakes.

Well think again as here are some real classic mess-ups thanks to the crew at Fresh Pics

Okay who stole the landing gear?

This could be an ad with an amputee except in the picture in the ad she has two hands .. hmm

Wow … what a big forehead you have Red

She might be hawt .. but she has no navel

I realize climate change is coming .. but two suns?

Walking on the beach with Mr. Almost Invisible

That’s some jawline – or not.

Give’show’s she hangin’ a whole new slant