Parents Outraged After Boy Is Pulled From Class For Wearing Makeup

An eighth grade boy was pulled out of class at Meadowlawn Middle School in St. Petersburg, Florida for wearing makeup, and his parents are not happy about it.

In fact, Chris Martin’s two moms were downright outraged and launched an online petition for tolerance training among the faculty members. The petition on has since received 459 signatures of support — only 41 short of the 500 signatures they need.

“These attacks are terribly damaging to young people, who are already struggling to find their identity. Incidents like the one yesterday only serve to further isolate these kids, who feel abandoned by the educators that are charged with their safety and well-being,” their petition reads.

When Martin’s mom, Jamie Himes asked the principal what was wrong with his makeup, she said, “the face the principal gave me made my blood boil.”

“Schools need to be a safe place, and students need to know they won’t encounter intolerance there,” Himes said. “It’s not about our son anymore, it’s about intolerance.”

Principal Claud Effiom reportedly said that Martin’s makeup was “distracting” and “completely ridiculous and unnecessary for boys to wear make up.”

Martin’s other mother, Katelynn Martin, said that it was shocking. “I can’t believe in this day and age that someone would think this was that big of an issue.”

Martin’s parents say that this is not the first time their son’s sexual identity has caused issues at school. They admitted that he has been teased, beaten up and even had his belongings destroyed.

The two women attempted to contact the district superintendent’s office, but the district supported the school’s decision.

Do you think it was wrong for school administrators to pull Martin out of class for wearing eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick? Or do you believe it was inappropriate for him to wear makeup to school?

[Image via Shuttershock]