‘Exorcist’ Author Suing Alma Mater For Not Being Catholic Enough

Heads are spinning over William Peter’s Blatty’s lawsuit at Georgetown University, his alma mater. Why? Simple. They’re just not Catholic enough.

William Peter Blatty’s lawsuit is specifically a “canon lawsuit,” meaning that he takes issue with the school calling itself a Catholic institution when they don’t really act all that Catholic, in his opinion.

Blatty is a graduate of the university (1950) and Georgetown serves as the setting of his novel The Exorcist as well as the 1973 American horror film based on it. The film was also shot in Georgetown.

In the complaint filed with Donald Wuerl, the archbishop of Washington D.C., Blatty and “more than 1,200 alumni, students, parents, teachers, and other laity from around the world” say that Georgetown University doesn’t comply with “Ex Corde Ecclesiae,” a 1991 decree by Pope John Paul which sets the tone for Catholic schools.

The list of grievances is both long and dry, but here’s the basic gist:

” … The university failed to ensure ‘that all official actions and commitments [are] authentically Catholic,’ to recruit personnel that are willing and able to ‘promote Catholic identity,’ to respect Catholic doctrine and that the university employs a majority of non-Catholics.”

But wait, there’s more:

“Another problem for Blatty: a large coalition of Georgetown faculty protesting against Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) for misuse of Catholic social teaching in defending his budget, which hurts the poor.”

Blatty also takes issue with the campus hosting a performance of The Vagina Monologues and allowing sex health education programs.

There are also complaints regarding the attendance of Democratic pro-choice politicians like Nancy Pelosi and even President Barack Obama on campus for events.

What do you think of William Peter Blatty’s lawsuit? Can he get away with suing Georgetown University for not being Catholic enough? Sound off! [Bonus: The Exorcist highlight reel!]