Chris Brown Could Face Battery Charges Over Frank Ocean Fight

Chris Brown could be facing battery charges over his fight with Frank Ocean outside a Los Angeles recording studio earlier this year.

In January, Brown was allegedly blocked by Ocean and his people at the Westlake Recording studio. It was reported that one of Ocean’s people attacked Brown as he attempted to shake hands with the “Thinkin Bout You” singer. As a result, one of Brown friends jumped in front of the two men and hit Ocean on the head.

The L.A. County District Attorney’s Office is deciding whether or not to prosecute Brown for the brawl, although law enforcement had previously said that the case was closed.

It turns out that the case wasn’t actually closed, and Brown is currently under criminal investigation for the fight. The D.A.’s office has an active file on the case, even though Ocean never formally pressed charges against Brown. Instead, he urged “sanity” and “forgiveness,” even though Brown called him a gay slur and threatened to shoot him during their encounter.

The D.A. may still be able to pursue the case, even with the lack of a cooperating witness, if there is compelling evidence.

The fight may come up during Chris Brown’s probation review hearing Monday. As part of his probation for his 2009 assault on Rihanna, Brown is required to obey all laws. He is expected to appear in court for the hearing.

Brown is also being investigated for an alleged hit-and-run, according to TMZ. However, Brown denied the details of the accident and said that he did not lie about his personal details afterward. Sources close to the singer also insisted that the 24-year-old had not been contacted by police, and that when Brown’s lawyer tried to contact the other driver, “she hung up on him.”

If it is found out that Brown violated his probation, he could face a four-year jail sentence.

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