Nile Rodgers: Madonna Didn’t Understand Why I Wouldn’t Sleep With Her

Nile Rodgers and Madonna Sexual Advances

Funk legend Nile Rodgers claims that Madonna threw a hissy fit when he refused to sleep with her.

The 60-year-old musician has recently started opening up about his encounter with the now 54-year-old pop singer. In the 1980s, Nile was producing Madonna’s 20 million-selling super-hit album Like A Virgin when he was confronted by the up and coming singer.

The guitarist says of the rejected encounter: “I was standing at an elevator when she goes, ‘Why don’t you want to f*** me?’

To which he says: “I was like, ‘What did you just say to me?’ She was wondering why I had not propositioned her. She couldn’t understand that. It was like, ‘Everybody wants me’.”

So why didn’t Nile Rodgers wants to sleep with Madonna while producing Like A Virgin? He reveals: “One time I slept with a really beautiful artist I was working with and it was a really wrong thing to do. So, I didn’t work like that.”

In the end, it all worked out. The pair went on to become really close friends. In fact, Nile Rodgers says that he and Madonna grew up to be as close as a man and woman can be without being romantically involved.

The relationship between the pair has had many positive influences on Rodgers life. It was Madonna who convinced him to give up both booze and drugs after he passed out during a 38th birthday celebration. It was after that “most embarrassing” night of his life that Madonna helped him turn everything around.

So is Nile Rodgers the only person to ever turn down Madonna’s sexual advances? Based on what I can tell, it was less of an advance and more of an outright question of motive on the pop singers part.

Are you surprised by Madonna’s frankness in confronting Nile Rodgers about their relationship, or does that sound on-par for the singers oftentimes outrageous persona?