Katie Couric’s Talk Show May Never See Third Season, Show Called ‘Unmitigated’ Disaster’

Katie Couric may soon be looking for a new daytime gig. Industry experts are calling her talk show Katie an “unmitigated disaster” that is collapsing under its own weight.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Katie Couric may soon find herself jumping ship for a new news gig at CNN.

The new daytime talk show debuted in September 2012 and quickly received syndication in 95 percent of the country. As of May 2013, the show’s ratings were down by 30 percent year-over-year.

Katie was renewed for a second season in January with executive producer Rachel Miskowiec taking over the show as executive producer Jeff Zucker made his exit to take over as the worldwide president of CNN. Miskowiec is best known for a former producer role at The Tyra Banks Show.

Industry snoops say Katie Couric has enjoyed working with Jeff Zucker and is ready to ditch the show, possibly even if a third season is offered by ABC.

Critics and survey takers have called the show everything from “lackluster” to just plain “cheesy.” Reviews have claimed no lack of direction for the show thanks to its “daytime puff pieces” that offer nothing entertaining for viewers.

Katie Couric has apparently asked for a more news-driven format but producers have insisted on “evergreen, formulaic daytime segments.”

Some insiders say Katie Couric has insisted on interviewing only A-List type guests, and she uses her controlling interest in the show to make sure that happens. Unfortunately, her unwillingness to cover people with engaging human interest stories has taken away from her show.

Couric was at her best when she interviewed everyone from Tom Cruise to the guy who saved an old lady crossing the street; perhaps it’s time for her to get back to those roots.

Do you think Katie Couric would do better on a straight news show at CNN?