Halloween or not this could be damn scary – nightmare warning

I got an PR email earlier today from Crispin Porter + Bogosky that could be responsible for birthing a whole new wave of nightmares that could reach well beyond Halloween. For those of you who might not recognize the PR firm name they are the hot shot cool public relations company who are known for their off kilter ad campaigns and was hired by Microsoft to help rescue the brand. One of their other clients is Volkswagon who hired CP+P to handle the PR around the company’s new Routan vehicle.

Well part of their campaign has been having actress Brooke Shields as some very strange woman talking to people looking to buy a new Routan. Anyway this email pointed me to their new RoutanBabymaker 3000 site which allows you to add a picture for a mother and a father at which point the magic will happen and you will be the proud owner of a Routan Baby Model 3000 digital baby which apparently you can export out as a widget to add to your social site(s) of choice.

So without any further ado and the legal disclaimer that neither the author of this post nor The Inquisitr can be held responsible ofr any nightmares that you might bring upon yourself and others – the RoutanBabymaker 3000

Your very own digital babymaker

Oh and by the way … the eyes and head follow what what you are doing on your desktop.