Should Jamarcus Russel and the Raiders part ways?

Let’s be honest this has not worked out, and sometimes a players career can be saved simply by a change of scenery. Jamarcus Russell’s struggles in Oakland are not all his own making, but a positive attitude and good work ethic can take a player far. The simple fact here is the team does not believe in him, and after trying to trade fro QB Donovan McNabb it seems not even Al Davis himself still believes in this kid.

The simple fact here is this, with the 8th pick in the 2010 NFL draft the Raiders could select a new QB, and work to trade Russell. With the 8th pick they very likely will have a shot at Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen who is from California, or they could do some typical Al Davis draft day craziness and select Tim Tebow. The point here is they have options, we can also not rule out a trade for Kellen Clemmons whose time with the New York Jets seems to have come to an end.

The problem will be Russell’s salary. I think there would be plenty of team who might take a chance on him as their back up. The Philadelphia Eagles would be high on that list if they decide to move on from Michael Vick. Maybe, just maybe that is a trade the Raiders organization should strive for. Getting rid of Russell and adding Vick, who could start for them might be a step in the right direction.

Should the Raiders try to work a trade, it seems very likely they will have to pay a big chunk of Russell’s huge salary. However it may be time to make this move, or risk another sub par year.

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