An Infographic To Show How Much Money Superman Has Made Over The Years

If you’ve ever sat and wondered how much money the Superman franchise has made over the years, then you’ll be glad to hear that have commissioned an infographic to work out exactly that.

The first Superman comic appeared in 1938, and, since then, the franchise has taken shape in everything from merchandise to big budget movies, most notably the upcoming Man Of Steel reboot.

The infographic tracks the success of the five Superman movies that have hit cinema screens over the years, including what each of them had in terms of budget. One interesting fact is that the new Superman movie had a smaller budget than Superman Returns, which was released in 2006 – $175 million vs. $232 million.

Apart from the financials, there are even some interesting facts thrown into the mix. For example, did you know that Superman: The Movie was written by Mario Puzo, the same person responsible for bringing The Godfather into existence. That might explain why both were so successful.

Other significant statistics include the top revenue-generating comic books of the Superman franchise. Even though, physical comic books seem to be in decline, the Superman franchise has managed to maintain some steady revenue from it’s comic books over the years. A vital statistic to include in an infographic asking just how much Superman has made over the years.

The section detailing earnings for some of the more “old school” comic books also highlights who the main villain was in each. Some years there didn’t even seem to be a main villain as it would appear Superman was sticking to everyday crime fighting, instead of battling an intergalactic enemy.

Instead of listing out every detail of the infographic about how much money Superman has made over the years, you can take a look for yourself here and let us know which part was most enlightening.