Conan O'Brien puts up 'Conan' studio for rent

Do you, for some reason or another, love Conan O'Brien's new set so much that you want to live in it? Well, strange person, you just so happen to be in luck; Conan is renting out his studio between October 11 and October 13. And no, this isn't a joke.

The listing on describes the Conan set as "cozy and charming" - oh, and it's just a few steps away from the set of "Gilmore Girls" if that sweetens the deal for you.

For sleeping accommodations, you have the sofa that such greats as President Obama and Angelina Jolie sat on or, if you prefer, an air mattress that is apparently in need of repair. Again, this is not a joke.

The listing goes on describe the Conan studio as "great for families (children 16+) looking to relax in over 25,000 square feet of musty warehouse space." Should you get hungry during your stay, there's also a "fully stocked kitchenette", complete with an intern.

There is a bit of a catch to all of this insanity: if you want to spend the night on the set of Conan, you'll need to be willing to be filmed and featured on the show.

A TBS spokesman did confirm that the listing is legitimate, but they didn't say just why the studio was being rented out.

via LATimes