Justin Bieber Escorted Out Of Los Angeles Club For Being Underage, Bra Or No Bra

Justin Bieber’s weekend continues to yield absolutely no news of note, unless you count getting escorted out of L.A. nightclub for being underage, posting a bra picture online, and possibly witnessing an alleged battery.

The 19-year-old may have millions, and a reserved seat on an elite spaceflight, but he’s still two years away from 21 and is not legally allowed to enter clubs unless they have a special licence for minors.

Bieber found this out the hard way on Saturday when he was asked to leave the Lure nightclub in Hollywood on their Toxic Luau Beach Day themed night at around 7 pm.

“Someone from Justin’s team had come earlier in the day and told the club that he would be showing up. The club told him they wouldn’t let him in because he’s not 21,” a source told E! News. “Bieber came anyways and tried to sneak in through a back door.”

Sadly, for the pop star, his attempt to sneak in was scuppered when the rapper known as Game — formal name, Jayceon Terrell Taylor — gave the Canadian a shout out from the stage.

“The Game was on the mic at this point and saw Bieber trying to get in and shouted that Bieber was on his way inside,” the source added, “That’s when security saw him and escorted him out immediately. He left right away, he seemed really embarrassed.”

Justin Bieber Uploads A Picture Of A Bra To His Instagram Account

Just hours before the 19-year-old posted an image to his Instagram account of a scene from his Believe world tour. The image showed a solitary nude-colored bra lying on a stage with raptured girls screaming in the background.

The accompanying caption read: “I guess everyone grows up.”

Just not quite soon enough to get into a 21 and over club Biebs.

In addition to more or less being tossed out of Lure nightclub, that same night the “Baby” singer also visited a Hollywood hookah lounge with his ever-present security team.

While there, a patron at the lounge allegedly tried to take a photo of the teen star.

The individual claims a scuffle then took place when one of Bieber’s bodyguards attempted to prevent him from taking pictures.

The individual later called the police, but by the time they arrived the singer and his bodyguards had already left the scene. A battery complaint has since been filed against the bodyguard (s) and a police investigation continues.

Just a quiet Saturday then.

[ Image via The Mirror]