2009 NFL draft one year later: San Diego Chargers

This is one of those cases that seem to prove the most NFL ready tag is often a clue that a player is going to struggle. Larry English came to the NFL as one of the most ready for the next level players in the 2009 draft. The Chargers took him with the 16th pick, and he didn’t do much, kind of like the under performing season of Aaron Curry. A year ago I gave the Chargers high marks not so much for this pick but for finding two starters in the later rounds, including one of the finest day two draft steals of 2009.

A quick look at the 2009 Chargers draft class:

  • Round One (16)- Larry English LB
  • Round Three(78)- Louis Vazquez OG
  • Round Four-(113)- Vaughn Martin DT
  • Round Four(133)-Tyronne Green C
  • Round Four(134)- Gartrell Johnson RB
  • Round Five (148)- Brandon Hughes CB
  • Round Six (189)- Kevin Ellison S
  • Round Seven (224)- Demetrius Byrd WR

Ok so English did play in every game, but only amassed 36 tackles and two sacks, hopefully he matures into a better player. Vasquez started and played in 14 games at RG. Martin played in nine games and had five tackles. Green played in just three games. Johnson was cut, but ended up with teh Giants and played in ten games. Hughes was placed on IR after a knee injury. Ellison started nine games and made 52 tackles. Byrd suffered a shoulder injury in a car accident and did not play.

So the draft is not science, they went for value with the English pick and it has not worked out as of yet. The scored two starters and we also must consider that this team’s record in 2009 was 13-3. However we also have to factor in the fact that 4th rounder Johnson was cut, and that two more of their picks went down with injuries. All in all it feels like a pretty fine draft class, and one year out I think it deserves a solid B grade.

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