Kabang The Snoutless Dog Goes Home To The Philippines [Video]

Kabang, the snoutless dog that charmed the internet, was recently allowed to go home to the Philippines.

The canine shot to international fame after the pooch saved her owner’s daughter and niece from a speeding motorcycle in Zamboanga city. Kabang lost her snout and part of her lower jaw as a result of the accident.

The Associated Press reports that Kabang spent nearly seven months at the University of California veterinary hospital before she was allowed to go home. The procedures were funded through donations which totaled around $27,000.

In addition to treating the injuries sustained during the accident, doctors removed a heartworm and a tumor from the pooch. These surgeries were performed to ensure that Kabang’s other wounds would properly heal.

Unfortunately, doctors were not able to reconstruct the dog’s missing snout or jaw. However, skin was taken parts of the dog’s body to cover the areas that were exposed when she came into contact with the motorcycle.

According to Inquirer News, quite a few people were excited about Kabang’s homecoming. A large group of people were expected to celebrate the dog’s return at the airport on Saturday. Kabang also received a parade in her honor on Sunday.

For the time being, Kabang will remain in the care of Dr. Anton Lim. The vet said the owners were very eager to care for the dog. Lim added that the family’s ability to properly address the dog’s unique problems was currently under consideration.

Owner Rodolfo Bunggal, who has since split with his wife Christina, said he is not interested in putting the dog up for adoption. Although several people have expressed interest, Bunggal isn’t willing to say goodbye to Kabang.

“A lady from the United States even called me expressing her interest to adopt Kabang. I told them Kabang will stay with us and I entrusted everything to Dr. Lim for the dog’s care and medication. Lim has helped us a lot,” he explained.

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