Lance Armstrong To Compete In Triathlon

Lance Armstrong turned 40-years-old eight days ago and to celebrate he has entered the XTERRA USA championship at Snowbasin Ski Resort in Utah.

Armstrong confirmed on Thursday that he would compete in the competition which includes a 1-mile swim, 20-mile mountain bike ride and 6-mile trail run.

To prepare for the race Armstrong spent three hours checking out the course this week and told the Associated Press:

"It seemed like a fun time and the training has been going very well," while adding, "I'll go out there and have a good time and see how it goes."
Armstrong also revealed that it has been 23 years since he's competed in a triathlon and while he doesn't expect to win he says training for the event has been on-going for the last eight months.

Among competitors at the triatlon will be five-time national champion Josiah Middaugh and two-time Ironman world champion Tim DeBoom.

When asked about aspirations to take on the Tour de France again Armstrong said he wasn't interested but wanted to give this "beast" a try.

While Armstrong has never taken on the XTERRA competition he has experience in triathlons, having started his career in the three stage events at the age of 16, ranking as the top 19-and-under competitor in the late 1980s.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that the biking part of the triathlon will be Lance Armstrong's biggest strength.

Do you think at 40-years-old Armstrong can place well in the competition despite his lack of triathlon experience in the last several decades?