Gears of War 3 coming April 2011, first details inside

So it looks like the rumors are true – Gears of War 3 will release for the Xbox 360 in April 2011. The volks at Eurogamer Germany were surfing the US Xbox Live Marketplace, as you do, when they encountered the image above on the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Gears of War 3confirmed, it’s safe to say.

Not long after posting its find, the image had been withdrawn from the Xbox 360 dashboard, though Edge, the same publication that broke rumors of the game last month, claims a “US publishing source” revealed new details for the title.

These reportedly include a revamp of the game’s famous cover system (whereby the player can hide behind virtually any flat surface in the environment), new tentacled enemies that can reach round and tickle attack you while you’re taking cover, and underwater levels. Blimey.

There’s also new mech suits with extra protection provided and, naturally, some new guns to wave about.

[Via Eurogamer and Edge]