Pregnant Long Islander ticketed for subway seat search

The New York City subways are a notoriously unchivalrous place, and pregnant women seem to have unique invisibility skills when standing on a crowded train.

One unlucky woman who is eight months pregnant and couldn’t find a seat (neither did any person on the train offer her one) was ticketed by a NYPD cop for the cardinal sin of walking between trains during her ride to try and sit down. Nora Hsu protested the citation, “part of the NYPD’s crackdown on minor subway offenses,” but the officer was unmoved:

“I told the cop, ‘Cut me some slack. I’m 32 weeks pregnant, and I’m just trying to get home,’ ” she recalled for The Post. “I was out of breath.”

But the officer said, “It doesn’t matter,” and wrote the ticket.

Hsu said she’s fighting the ticket mainly because it was so embarrassing:

The officer “said, ‘You know what you did was illegal . . . You’ll have to come with me,’ ” she recalled. “I thought he was arresting me,” she said.

She stood by the officer as he wrote the summons and did a 15-minute check for warrants.

All these people were looking at me like I’m a criminal,” she said.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I feel much safer knowing she’s off the streets.