Jessica Szohr Pole-Dancing Try Makes Her Give Strippers ‘A Lot Of Credit’

Jessica Szohr tried a pole-dancing lesson to get ready for a scene in The Internship, a Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson comedy which features the 28-year-old actress in the part of an adult dancer called Marielena. A few days ago, she tweeted a picture of what she had learned, which you can check out below.

She also recently revealed that she was a little surprised about what an intense workout the pole-dancing was. Szohr admitted: “It’s an insane work-out! I give strippers a whole lot of credit.”

Despite her enthusiasm for the exercise and the role, The Internship created less excitement for pole-dancing Jessica Szohr than you might think.

Early box office reports say that Ethan Hawke and Universal Studio’s rather low-budget futuristic drama The Purge took in less than $17 million on Friday night. The Internship was a dismal second place, drawing less than $7 million for Fox.

Szohr’s publicity effort seemed to revolve around emphasizing the fact that she would be scantily clothed in her new movie. “During my first scene, I was walking around in my bra and underwear in front of hundreds of people. I had to bring my A-game,” she said when explaining why she took the pole-dancing lessons.

However, The Internship reportedly does have a plot.

Wilson and Vaughn play two fortysomething washed-up watch salesmen. You kids wouldn’t know about this, but watches are those things people used to wear on their wrists to check the time in the pre-cell phone era. The two has-beens end up in a Google internship program actually meant for people half their age.

The scene at the strip club was described by one reviewer as “interminable.”

Oh well. At least the tweet was cute:

Apparently, it turns out that plenty of Americans aren’t willing to get in their cars and drive to a movie theater to see Jessica Szohr pole-dance.

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