Wachovia’s online banking currently down

If Twitter is to be believed, Wachovia’s internet banking interface is down.

Although they’ve tweeted in the past twenty minutes, @Wachovia’s official Twitter feed does not currently address the widespread reports of users being unable to login or view their accounts on Wachovia.com. Frustrated Twitter users have been tweeting complaints about difficulties logging in:

Why is Wachovia’s website down?? Always tryin to play wit my paper…

kay wachovia soo yall gone play with me today? y cant I view my account right now ?

am having some Serious problems with #wachoviaonline banking today

Wachovia online banking having issues today on payday. I hope they’re not hacked…

is the #wachovia website down or something? gotta check my spending and i can’t log in. #crap

No tweets mentioning Wachovia have indicated resolution yet, and without input from @Wachovia, it’s difficult to say what the exact problem is or if it will be resolved by the end of the day. Wachovia customers- are you having difficulties finding out about your money today? Has the problem in any way resolved?