Burning Man Law Signed By Gov. Brian Sandoval

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed bill AB374 into law this weekend. The burning man law will streamline the permit process for events held on federal lands and will allow the annual art fest to continue in Pershing County.

The organizers of Burning Man and the commissioners of Pershing County have been arguing in court for the last year over the annual festival. The Burning Man Law will put the burden of permits on the state and will exempt Burning man from county permits in perpetuity.

Raymond Allen, Government Affairs Representative for Black Rock City, LLC., said: “This is a huge victory for the Burning Man event. The law ensures local permitting requirements won’t infringe upon the First Amendment rights of Burning Man participants. It also ensures the continued right of assembly for the entire event.”

According to the Sac Bee, the new law will give counties the right to out out of state permit requirements for events that are held on federal land. Events like Burning Man already go through a federal permit process and will now be able to get permits without dealing with county officials.

Allen added: “It’s a win-win for everyone and a testament to the benefit of collaboration. Our goal has always been to adequately compensate Pershing County for the services it provides to our event. This law ensures compensation occurs through a contract with the County per the requirements of our Bureau of Land Management permit.”

The burning man law will go into effect on June 1. This year’s festival will be held on the weekend of August 31st.