Yankees Top Draft Pick Ian Clarkin Apologizes For Hating On The Yankees

Ian Clarkin, the New York Yankees first-round draft pick, apparently feels the same way about the Evil Empire that most of America does, or at least he used to. He has now issued an apology.

In a pre-draft interview on the MLB Network (see embed below) with former Arizona Diamondbacks star Luis Gonzalez, his “I cannot stand the Yankees” comments were featured prominently. Clarkin added that as a six-year-old, he was in tears of joy when Gonzalez blooped a single that won the World Series for The D’Backs over the Yankees in Game 7 of the 2001 Fall Classic.

When Gonzo reminded Clarkin about his previous anti-Yankees comments, Clarkin said succinctly “oh my gosh.”

Clarkin’s comments raised eyebrows to say the least. After being selected by the Bronx Bombers as the final pick (#33) of the MLB draft’s first round, however, Clarkin said he was sorry. “First and foremost, I want to apologize to all the Yankee fans for my comments.”

Clarkin, a lefty pitcher from San Diego, grew up in a household where his dad, a non-Yankees fan who rooted for the Pittsburgh Pirates, while his mom was a Yankees fan from New Jersey. Clarkin said that he was just teasing his mom. “It was more of a joke toward my mom; it was taken out of context completely. I told my mom that I would say that just to tease her a little bit. I didn’t mean anything by it and I’m extremely excited to be a part of this wonderful organization.”

Clarkin added: “Now I do love them, and my dad’s going to have to learn to love them, too.”

The pitcher who has already committed to the University of San Diego on a baseball scholarship has said he might change his mind about college if the Yankees offer him “life-changing money.” Baseball America estimates that his position in the MLB Draft is worth a contract of about $1.6 million.

Do you think Clarkin’s original comments about the New York Yankees represents his true feelings?