‘Super Mario Bros.’ Fan-Made Sequel Blows Away Expectations

A fan-made New Super Mario Bros. Wii sequel has blown away expectations.

Few Nintendo titles are more famous than Super Mario Bros.. It helped sell the Nintendo Entertainment System and bring the video game industry back from an early extinction caused by the E. T. Atari game. It helped make the Nintendo 64 a must-own console in spite of a severe lack of quality titles.

Super Mario Bros. even spawned one of the worst video game based movies ever made, and no other Nintendo franchise has even been turned into a theatrical feature motion picture.

The mushroom-gobbling Italian plumber has even been joked about having more ethnical background than almost any human being on the planet. He’s an Italian plumber, made in Japan, who looks like a Mexican, speaks English … and you know the rest.

An unofficial sequel to the latest Super Mario title has been made for the Wii. It’s entirely fan-made and contains over 130 new levels, putting most of Nintendo’s own titles to shame. This is more than just a simple mod, according to Cubed3.com, as it was built from the ground up, incorporating a new map system, eight major worlds and 18 themed areas plus over 150 new tile-sets.

But wait, there’s more!

A total of 35 new tracks have been made for the unofficial Super Mario sequel for the Wii, including a few remixes. There are more than 15 new enemies, including new bosses for each world. That takes dedication. One does not simply make a sequel to a Super Mario game and add so much new content.

Super Mario Bros Lord of the Rings Meme

Video games are nothing to sneeze at these days. There is a lot of programming, voice acting, music composition, public relations, and several other aspects to the process. Those gorgeous graphics we take these for granted these days likely took at least a month to get right for just one stage, even with an engine driving it all. And even then you have to make sure it’s fun to play, doesn’t have too many glitches, and gamers are actually going to want it.

What do you think about the unofficial fan-made sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Wii?