Human Face Could Evolve To Have Giant Eyes, Forehead In 100,000 Years

The human face could look drastically different in 100,000 years as humans evolve to gain control over biology and evolution and begin to live on other planets, one artist and researcher believes.

Nickolay Lamm came up with depictions of the human face 20,000 years into the future, as well as 60,000 years and 100,000 years. Lamm said he took into account the physiological changes that might occur for humans as well as technological advances.

He paid special attention to zygotic genome engineering technology, which would give humans the ability to “control human biology and human evolution in much the same way we control electrons to power our world today,” Forbes notes.

Lamm said his depiction of the human face arose from conversations with Dr. Alan Kwan, who holds a PhD in computational genomics from Washington University. Kwan predicted that humans will develop a larger forehead to fit an ever-growing brain, a change that’s been taking place gradually over the last 600 years or so.

As humans begin to develop colonies far away from Earth, the human face will also develop larger eyes needed to see in different settings.

Finally, as humans gain more control over evolutionary changes, the human face will being to reflect societal ideals, Kwan said.

“This human face will be heavily biased towards features that humans find fundamentally appealing: strong, regal lines, straight nose, intense eyes, and placement of facial features that adhere to the golden ratio and left/right perfect symmetry,” he notes.

Lamm is an artist and researcher who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2011. On his website he tries to “bring attention to things that are being overlooked.” His site has other imaginative depictions, including what New York City might look like on different planets and an infographic of what it would cost to be the Great Gatsby.

For the human face project, which was sponsored by, where he has a blog, Lamm created three different depictions of a man and woman.

A depiction from 20,000 years into the future, shows slight changes in the eyes and forehead as both are enlarged:

Human Face In 20,000 Years

The changes in the human face become more pronounced in 60,000 years:

Human Face In 20,000 Years

In 100,000 years the human face looks like something from a science fiction movie, as humans evolve to have giant eyes and foreheads and exaggerated features:

Human Face In 100,000 Years

There are other changes to the human face in 100,000 years not easily seen in the photo. By this point humans will have larger nostrils to breathe on other planets and dense hair to stop heat loss from their giant heads, Lamm said.

(Human face picture via Nickolay Lamm)