Delayed Flight Orchestra Performance, Please Just Shoot Me Now [Video]

A delayed flight orchestra performance has this frequent flyer grabbing her noise-reducing earphones and just generally screaming, “Nooooooo.” I’ve posted a video below of the Philadelphia Orchestra quartet performing when their flight from Beijing to Macao, China was delayed for three hours on the tarmac.

Guys, no. I can’t print what actually went through my mind when I first watched (and heard!) this video, but no. It’s not acceptable.

When you’re stuck in a tin can in close quarters on a commercial aircraft with every kind of person, not just a few hoity toity orchestra buffs, then you have no business striking up a musical performance in that enclosed space. Especially not one that involves violins.

Ugh. There were actually two violins, a cello, and a viola, if you care. They performed an agonizingly long (five minutes!) rendition of Antonin Dvorak’s famous “American String Quartet No. 12 Finale.”

I have gone this many decades and never willingly listened to that piece, and I hope to go the rest of my life doing the same.

Unwanted music chosen by somebody else is just noise. If they’d been playing country, they would have been arrested.

And don’t worry. I hate country too.

I think everybody should be arrested who commits music in a public place. Especially if my nerves are already raw from being trapped on the tarmac for three hours because of a delayed flight in overcrowded China.

God bless America and the Philadelphia Orchestra, but don’t expect me to applaud if you perform on my delayed flight.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s just rude.

The Philadelphia Orchestra were traveling for their first 40th Anniversary Tour of China. Fine. I’m glad you guys made history.

But your freedom ends where my eardrums begin. Deal?

Here’s that video:

Don’t worry. I won’t tell your mom if you don’t listen to the whole thing. What’s your take on the Philadelphia Orchestra delayed flight performance?

[violin photo courtesy Matano via Wikimedia Commons]