‘Walking Dead’ Producers Give First Look At Season 4 [Video]

walking dead

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? If so, you’re probably counting down the days ’til October, when Season 4 debuts, am I right?

Of course I am! That’s why I dug up this “first look” video to hopefully hold you over for the time being. AMC and the executive producers behind the insanely popular zombie drama have revealed a quick peek at what fans can expect out of the upcoming Season 4.

No plot points or spoilers here, just a behind-the-scenes look at how the show will deliver a powerful new season with a new showrunner. Speaking of, Scott Gimple (the aforementioned “new” showrunner) will write the premiere. Executive producer and special effects boss Greg Nicotero will direct.

Though plenty of Walking Dead fans kicked up fuss over Glen Mazzara’s departure, Gimple has the makings of a very effective creative leader for the show. He wrote the Season 3 episode “Clear” (the one which featured the return of Morgan) and the Season 2 episode “Pretty Much Dead Already” (in which Sophia was revealed as a zombie).

So, he’s responsible for writing two of the best episodes we’ve seen so far. I think the show will be okay.

Still, the constantly-changing dynamics of the show’s creative direction have even had us worried before. In just four seasons, Gimple is the third showrunner. AMC fired Frank Darabont after the first season (go watch Season 1 again and tell us that was the right call) and Mazzara left because he never had complete control over the series (his words), though rumor had it he was pushed out as well.

Hopefully they found what they were looking for in Gimple.

Thus far, the only other thing we know about Season 4 is that Larry Gilliard Jr. of The Wire will be joining the cast as an adviser to The Governor.

Check out your first look at The Walking Dead Season 4 below: