Thanks, world: Rip-off Modern Warfare 2 DLC sells millions

Sometimes, you just have to stand back and admire the mooing stupidity of the human race.

Last month, Activision released a paltry pack of five downloadable maps for Modern Warfare 2. Only three of these arenas were actually new, yet the publisher still charged folks $15 for the bundle. You know, $15 that could otherwise buy, oh I dunno, the best Xbox Live Arcade game of 2009.

Did that outrageous price tag stop people buying the ‘Stimulus Package’? Did people rise up and say, “No Activision, we shan’t be mercilessly gouged by a company brazenly ripping off fans.” Of course they didn’t. Because people don’t mind getting fiscally raped, over 2.5 million suckers downloaded the semi-new maps in the first week alone. That’s a record, apparently.

So hurray, let’s all hold hands and look forward to a future where Activision charges whatever the hell they like because they know numbskulls will suck it up like the great, farting eejits they are.

No date has been set for the Stimulus Package on PC and PS3, but I imagine the same will happen there.

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[Via press release]