Kid Claims His Teacher Punished Him With Duct Tape

San Antonio, TX – Duct tape seems to be the go-to item when punishing kids these days – especially for teachers as this is one in a string of odd cases implicating the use of it for classroom castigation.

In February, an 8-year-old suffering with Down syndrome in Indiana was secured, ahem ankle-bound with duct tape by school employees – supposedly because of the little girl’s erratic behavior. A month later, an Illinois educator was reprimanded for allegedly duct taping an 11-year-old child’s mouth shut when he failed to remain quiet in class after repeated requests by the authority to hush.

What happened to just making prom dresses and wallets? Instead, this is the desperate mischief that ensues when educators are pushed to the edge and find they have to be creative when imposing a punishment.

Now another child, within the Judson Independent School District in San Antonio, claims his teacher resorted to the duct tape treatment, binding the 8-year-old to a chair because of he was being too rowdy and, according to reports, couldn’t be controlled.

Christian Crutchfield, a second-grader at Woodlake Elementary School, states back in May his teacher lashed him to a chair in the classroom using the sticky tape and he remained that way for nearly three hours.

“No it’s not right at all. I feel that your child should be safe at school,” Natasha Crutchfield, the boy’s mother asserted following her complaint to district officials.

Both the teacher in question and an aide have since resigned, but authorities are still investigating the incident.

These allegations come nearly a year after another teacher in the same district purportedly encouraged 20 students to strike another 6-year-old classmate who was considered a bully. Cynthia Ambrose, the Ricardo Salinas Elementary teacher who urged students to hit their peer, is awaiting trial on a charge of official oppression.

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