A New Electric Bus That Can Be Charged In 15 Seconds Flat

Electric bus charged in 15 seconds

A Swiss company that specialises in robotics has developed the technology for an electric bus that can be charged in just 15 seconds. Based on current battery technology, this is a task that has so far been difficult to achieve by other companies.

The buses would use a method called “flash charging”, which involves the 135-passenger bus stopping at a charge-point along its route. This charge-point generates an impressive 400-kilowatts and is positioned above the bus stop. It would connect via a laser-controlled moving arm and charge the bus’ battery in 15 seconds. The minimalistic design could also improve the urban environment and landscape as it does not need overhead lines.

The idea would be to pump just enough energy into the bus for it to reach the next charging station. Longer stops at the end of each line would allow for a full recharge when it needs to tackle longer routes.

In addition to the quick charging times, the system would use a system called TOSA (Trolleybus Optimisation Système Alimentation), a zero-carbon-emission solution drawing electricity entirely from clean hydro power.

Initially, the company wants to pilot the idea between Geneva airport and the city’s international exhibition center, Palexpo. If tests prove successful, it could be a huge step forward for public transport. A type of transport already touted to be a more effective way to travel in terms of both cost and environmental impact.

Claes Rytoft, ABB’s acting Chief Technology Officer had this to say about the project:

“Through flash charging, we are able to pilot a new generation of electric buses for urban mass transport that no longer relies on overhead lines. This project will pave the way for switching to more flexible, cost-effective, public transport infrastructure while reducing pollution and noise.”

Are you a fan of public transport? Would you be happy waiting for a bus that charged in 15 seconds?