Want A Facial? Not After This Beauty Blogger’s Horrifying Facial Photos!

Singaporean beauty blogger Bun Bun’s horrifying facial has to go down as one of the worst beauty treatments gone wrong that I or anyone else has probably ever seen.

On May 30, 2013, Juli (aka beauty blogger “Bun Bun,” of the Bun Bun Makeup Tips blog,) went to get a routine facial beauty treatment, but ended up getting one of the worst beauty treatments gone bad, due to an allergic reaction.

The horrifying facial has left the prominent Singaporean beauty blogger and brand representative wearing a face mask when she ventures out into public, so she won’t “scare people away, and also to minimize further bacterial infection.”

I saw that she at least had some cute Hello Kitty face masks to wear when she dares to go out in public, but talk about beauty treatments gone wrong….yikes!

“I have suffered and am still suffering -physically, mentally, emotionally…Time, income, opportunities have been lost. Future time, income, opportunities, will continue to be affected,” Juli wrote on her beauty blog, Bun Bun Makeup Tips.

It is not clear at this point in time if Bun Bun is looking to sue the establishment responsible for giving her the facial and subsequent follow up facial, after she shared her horrifying facial pictures with the facial salon. Juli says that the facial salon people told her that “it has to get worse before it gets better,” and that she needed to extract the pus from her facial lesions, after receiving the first problematic facial.

However, when her horrifying facial worsened, the beauty blogger sought medical treatment. Juli is currently undergoing professional medical treatment,and is taking medications and face gels to ease her condition. While Juli’s skin is expected to fully recover without scarring, she is expected to have hyper-pigmentation for at least a few months.

You can check out a chronological gallery of the horrifying facial below, or check out Bun Bun Makeup Tips for updates on her condition.

Inquisitr readers: Is this one of the worst beauty treatments gone wrong that you’ve seen? Do you believe that beauty blogger should sue the facial salon responsible for giving her the facials?

[Pictures Used With Permission, Courtesy of Bun Bun Makeup Tips]