911 Dispatcher Laughs At Murder Call, Relays Bad Information To Police

911 Butt Dial Murder Plot

A 911 dispatcher laughed after hearing about a fatal stabbing in Brooklyn. And to make matters worse, she found the situation so hilarious that she passed on erroneous information to police officers.

According to the NY Post, therapist Noam Koenigsberg called 911 on May 30 to alert authorities about a possible murder. Koenigsberg told police that one of his patients, Ronald Friedfertig, may have stabbed a woman to death at her apartment.

Koenigsberg told the dispatcher that Friedfertig had a dream that he had stabbed the woman to death. Koenigsberg tried to find out if the victim, Yvonne Geffner, was still alive but couldn’t get in contact with her.

The anonymous 911 dispatcher thought that this entire story was hilarious.

The woman told police: “This man said that he had a dream that … I can’t even talk right now.”

The woman tries to relays Koenigsberg story to police but she can’t stop from laughing and gets several details wrong. The dispatcher mixed up the victim and the suspect and said that the call came from a man who was hospitalized and wanted to have his house check.

As a result of the phony information police merely knocked on the door of the woman’s house. When no one answered, they concluded that there had been no crime. The Huffington Post reports that it wasn’t until four days later that they found Geffner’s body after neighbors reported a foul smell coming from her apartment.

Here’s the audio of the 911 call.

Officers have arrested Friedfertig but it will be a few days before they can charge him with murder. The man threw himself in front of a train sometime between the 911 call and the time officers found Geffner’s body. He is currently recovering at Kings County Hospital Center.

It’s unclear what punishment the 911 dispatcher faces but authorities said that they are investigating the incident.