Tamar Braxton Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Singer Tamar Braxton gave birth to a baby boy on Thursday. The Braxton Family Values star broke the news of the birth by posting a photo of blue teddy bears and flowers on her Twitter account.

She added with the photo, “#tamartian friends HE’S finally here! #bfc #tamarandvince #theone :-).” Braxton and her husband, Vince Herbert, announced her pregnancy on Good Morning America in March.

The singer revealed, “I have a love on top! I am pregnant. I feel great and greedy at the same time. This is the most I’ve eaten ever.” The news was a happy surprise for Braxton’s fans.

Tamar Braxton’s sister, Toni, sent her congratulations about the birth through Twitter, saying, “congratulations to my beautiful bby sister!!! I have a new nephew!!!!!! Hehe!!! I’m soooooooo excited!!!!! @TamarBraxtonHer!!!!!!!”

The singer recently revealed at her baby shower that she has had few problems during her pregnancy. Tamar added, “I have a lot of energy. I’m always upbeat and everyone has to tell me to sit down somewhere. But I feel amazing!”

And her sisters and mother have also given her mountains of advice on being a new mom. Tamar explained, “I think the one that sticks out the most is be the best mom you can be and always focus on your family first.”

And with four sisters and her mom, Evelyn, Tamar Braxton is sure to have tons of help in the coming days as she learns how to take care of her baby boy.

Tamar and hubby Herbert were married in 2008 and the baby boy born Thursday is their first child. Herbert, a music executive, recently dished that he was “elated” to be starting a family with his wife of five years. He added, “I’m looking forward to just love her more and being a great father to her child.”

There is no word yet on what Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert have named their baby boy.

[Image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]