Idol upset: did the judges make the right decision with their one save?

American Idol fans were a bit surprised with this week’s bottom three- Andrew Garcia, Aaron Kelly and “Big” Mike Lynche were all up on the chopping block tonight.

Aaron Kelly was surprisingly saved first, and then Andrew Garcia was spared from being voted off. Twitter went pretty crazy as Big Mike was revealed as the contestant in danger of going home tonight. And following a night of performances by Rihanna and David Archuleta, Mike Lynche “sang for his life” to stay on American Idol for one more week with a rendition of “This Woman’s Work.”

The judges did their suspense-building thing, conferring and head shaking as Mike sang and his wife cried. After the performance, Simon regretfully told Lynche that the judges wished he’d performed as well last night. After some hemming and hawing, however, Simon dramatically announced that they’d used their one save this season to keep Lynche on the show.

Below is Lynche’s performance of “Eleanor Rigby.” Was this last night’s least impressive performance? Did Big Mike deserve the season’s only save?