You’d last 10 hours to if you had a pair of honking huge batteries strapped to you

Ah the iPad love. Can’t you just smell it in the air?

That sweet aroma of money flowing into the coffers of Apple. It’s enough to make one all warm and mushy not to mention; if you are John Gruber, writing a tome about the incredible world changing device.

I’ve got to admit though that from all the loving words being thrown around the Web this sure does seem to be a pretty sweet blown up iPod Touch err iPhone on steroids err all-in-one laptop computer .. oh hell sweet something.

One of the most highly sung praises of the iPad has been the fact that this sucker will keep running on battery power for 10 hours. Wow. That is great especially considering most laptops are lucky to keep going for more than a couple of hours.

But then if your laptop had two great big honking batteries slapped on it it would probably run for 10 hours as well. Just look at the size of those things

Thanks to the various hardware sites that love nothing better than tearing apart stuff we find that maybe that suggestion that the iPad really is nothing more than a blown up iPod Touch might be closer to the truth than Apple might want to admit.