Trials HD voted greatest Xbox Live Arcade game of 2009

Games that come out of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade (download-only titles available at a budget price) are often massively rated under-rated, in my opinion. Sure, there’s absolute crap on there, but there are also a ton of games that stand head and shoulders above most full price releases, and a new poll conducted by Microsoft celebrates that fact.

Every year since the service’s launch, Microsoft has hosted a community poll on Xbox Live to choose the finest XBLA game of said year, and 2009’s title has gone to none other than Trials HD.

I’m posting about this because I’m hugely biased. I make no pretences. RedLynx’s motocross game is nothing less than digital crack. The number of times I’ve blinked through the early hours, my eyes stinging from retrying a track for the 150th time … I’ve lost count. Go download the free demo now on your Xbox 360, and you’ll see what I mean. Frankly, I would happily give up my firstborn for a copy of Trials HD.

Fortunately for Chris Jr., I only had to part with $15. $15 for one of the most time-consuming and compulsive games I’ve ever played on any console. Why are you still here? Go! Buy!

There were other categories in Microsoft’s poll, with ‘Splosion Man winning the Best Original Game gong, and Battlefield 1943 and Shadow Complex both picking up two awards but RAAAAAGH TRIALS HD UIQWBNWDI. The full list:

Best Overall Arcade GameTrials HD
Best Original Game‘Splosion Man
Best Family GameHasbro Family Game Night
Best Co-Operative MultiplayerBattlefield 1943
Best Competitive MultiplayerBattlefield 1943
Best Solo Game— Shadow Complex
Best InnovationTrials HD
Best GraphicsShadow Complex
Best Classic/RemakeBanjo-Tooie

[Via Gamerscore Blog]