How to turn your blog into those flyers we all hate

One of the big drums that the high muckie-mucks of the blogging world is the idea of having your content in as many places as humanly possible. Some new service opens up that let’s you pipe in an RSS feed and we all line up like good little bloggers and shove our content in the face of readers who have probably already seen it in ten other places in the last five minutes.

However the only saving grace to this was that setting up this increasingly irritating publish stream was that we’re .. well .. human. As such we find it difficult to keep up with all those new places opening up all the time, sort of a plague of dandelions we go around killing off every spring.

Not anymore folks.

As we find out via our Mr. Social Everything Louis Gray a whole new avenue has opened up for those of us blog publishers who delight in flooding the Web with yet another place to find our content.

Yes folks the recently acquired Seesmic property Ping.FM in conjunction with Superfeedr will now take your blog(s) RSS feed and pump it out to every service that Ping.FM supports; which at this point comes in at 22 services.

As I said to Holden Page on Buzz when he said that he was going to try the service out – nothing like turning your blog into the equivalent of a flyer .. and we all know what people do with flyers.

I can understand why there is this seeming need to make sure we get our content out in as many places as possible after all there’s a lot of noise out there to try and be heard over. However at what point do we start experiencing the law of diminishing returns?

At what point do people start getting tired of seeing the same damn headline or complete post over and over again?

This is especially a concern in my opinion for the small independent bloggers. It is one thing for the big blogs like Mashable and others of its ilk who just have to post any old thing and see hundreds and hundreds of retweets or shares. For smaller bloggers though I believe one has to be careful in jumping at every so-called opportunity to shove our content in people’s faces.

Big blogs can afford to lose a reader here and there when the readers have had enough with the over promotion. Small blogs on the other hand aren’t so lucky as every reader we get is important and we need to really remember that.