Video: Whitney Houston, you’ve been one upped by a Taiwanese boy

Even if your little sister got the cassette single of this song and tormented your Nirvana-loving teenage self for six months with it back when Whitney Houston was an A-lister and not- well, whatever she is nowadays- you’ve got to check this clip out.

The Susan Boyle comparisons are pretty inevitable, since a dorky, oddly sincere person comes on stage to a laughing crowd only to knock their socks off. But Lin Yu Chun is certainly talented, and even though the song is still as sucky as it was in the early 1990s, the performance is stunning. Lin Yu Chun gets every note spot on, and I’d hazard a guess his performance outstrips what Houston herself is capable of putting on nowadays.

Perhaps Lin Yu Chun will consider heading to Australia to do a performance for all the angry fans who reportedly walked out on Houston’s performance down under back in February?