Atheist Monument Will Be A Graffiti Magnet, Says Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson believes the atheist monument being erected near a Florida courthouse will be a “magnet for graffiti.”

The Fox News host believes the Bradford County Courthouse’s atheist bench will be lightning rod for controversy when it finally arrives. He recently talked about the project during a segment on Sunday’s Fox & Friends.

Contributor Father Jonathan Morris told Tucker Carlson during their conversation about the atheist monument that the bench amounted to a “Christian protest.”

“Sure it’s legal, the question is, is it necessary? I thought atheists — and atheism, of course, is a species of religion — were against religious monuments on public property,” Carlson explained.

He added, “I have a feeling that bench will be a magnet for graffiti. Just a guess.”

The Florida chapter of the national American Atheists intend to place the atheist bench near a monument of the Ten Commandments outside of the Bradford County Courthouse next month.

The bench is a compromise of sorts between American Atheists and county after the organization sued to have the Ten Commandments monument removed. Although the country asked the Community Men’s Fellowship to remove the monument, the group respectfully declined.

“We have prayerfully considered your request and have determined that we will not comply with the County’s order,” the organization said in a written response to the request.

In order to prevent having to pay quite a bit of money to have the monument removed, Bradford County came to an agreement with American Atheists. Next month, the group will erect an atheist monument next to the Ten Commandments.

“You know, if the Christians — if you had something else from the Torah or the Koran, they would have had a fit. So what’s one religion versus another? That’s why they have the separation of church and state,” Ken Petersen said of the Ten Commandments monument.

Do you think the atheist monument will be a magnet for graffiti? Do you think Christians will take issue with the bench?