Paris Gets Slammed By Economic Instability

Does it surprise anyone that in an uneasy economic situation, people paid to show up and wave are the first to go? Paris Hilton’s “appearance fees” in London, says the Daily Mail, totaled around $115,000 last time, but her most recent appearances only got her $40,000 for. . . oh yeah, still for doing nothing. Sounds good to me:

“Although it’s a lot of money,” explains a mole, “to Paris’ people it’s nowhere near as much as she used to be able to command.”

As if anyone could possibly feel sad for Paris, it was also pointed out that she dropped one potentially lucrative gig ($82,000) that required her to hang out for two whole hours. Sounds less like times are lean for Paris, and more like she needs to get another manager immediately (without the possibly jealous wife this time).

It’s not like Paris needs the cash anyway, since she just bought a former brothel/opium den in East London.