Super Hero Movies: Here Are A Few That Need A Remake

Super hero movies haven’t always been good and need a remake.

“Remake” is almost the curse word of the film critics circle. The word reeks of lack of originality and cheap cash-in on nostalgia. However, thanks to films such as Batman Begins and Man of Steel, the idea of the remake is starting to lose that element of distaste.

Super hero movies are almost the same, as in the beginning, every attempt at a super hero movie besides Batman was just doomed to fail or didn’t hold up after technology improved. Do you remember Punisher with Dolph Lundgren? You’re probably lucky if you don’t. It apparently suffered from the same problems that all ’80s super hero movies did, in that we just didn’t have the technology to pull off the special effects we strove for.

First off, yes, the Punisher has gone through three different actors and not one actually made the character interesting enough to warrant a sequel. However, we managed to find an actor everybody likes as Hulk, so there is hope that the Punisher might some day find that perfect set of actors that makes people actually like him.

Spawn was a victim of the era the film was created in. Back then, the film was revered for its fantastic special effects as we saw his ethereal cape floating around everyone in the room, and the armies of the dead that Spawn was supposed to lead. However, now we have the technology to make the character look more believable, and perhaps not depend so much on a farting clown to fill up screen time.

Blade seriously needs a remake. Wesley Snipes almost literally sleepwalked through the role and we could tell. As good as the story was, we found ourselves falling asleep halfway through the first film. Blade 2 showed promise with Guillermo del Toro’s take on the day walker, but almost everything about Blade Trinity was just wrong. The casting, aside from Patton Oswalt, was terrible. Blade needs a remake. He’s just too interesting to be left alone after that.

Catwoman was just bad. It was a movie that deviated so badly away from the franchise we expected that ten minutes after we saw it, we chalked it up to another nail in the coffin of Halle Berry’s career. Batman fans who went to see it probably walked out halfway through and wanted to burn the theater down for wasting their time. We need a remake that sticks to the Batman character and doesn’t try to get inventive.

Fantastic Four was okay, as it was the first time we saw a group of super heroes who actually acted like family because they are family. However, after the disaster that was Rise of the Silver Surfer, we quickly decided it wasn’t worth seeing again. A remake should simply focus more on them actually fighting a villain, because both films really degenerated into everyday disasters that they just happened to be around to stop. Also a remake might allow the Fantastic Four to meet the Avengers, because Chris Evans is currently on both teams.

What super hero movies do you think need a remake?