Timberlake And Affleck Face Off In Trailer For ‘Runner, Runner’

Looks like Ben Affleck has found his own Rounders film to star in. Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, the trailer for the new thriller Runner, Runner, starring two time Oscar winner Ben Affleck and The Social Network’sJustin Timberlake sees the two go head to head in what looks like a film filled with over dramatics and luxurious locations.

In Runner, RunnerBen Affleck, who seems to be one frame away from biting on a Cuban cigar, plays a shady businessman who gets stuck with a nervous college kid as his gambling protege.

Runner, Runner, has a promising set of elements making up the film. The screenplay is by David Levien and Brian Koppelman of Rounders fame, and it’s directed by Brad Furman who did well with The Lincoln Lawyer. Throw Affleck and Timberlake in the mix, and Runner, Runner, is a story about a young Princeton student who’s in over his head in debt. In order to cheat his way out of a hole, the student plays online poker, and somehow winds up as a right hand man to a pretty shady businessman. The job sees him traveling all over the country, and while the lifestyle seems to be pretty dazzling at first, Timberlake is shown kidnapped by the police due to his illegal activity, and then later almost getting fed to a bunch of crocodiles by his menacing boss.

One source suggests that the plot of Runner, Runner is “eerily similar to the UB Poker scandal” which involved bankrolls decimating after people within the UB office were revealed to be using superuser accounts, where they were privy to their opponnents’ hole cards. At the time WSOP champion Russ Hamilton was one of the alleged superusers.

Although it’s certainly easy to write this film off, this is only a bit of the full trailer that is still yet to be released. We’re hoping that Runner, Runner shapes up to be about classic like Rounders was, devoid of cheap plot lines and laughable cliched dialogue. Heres to hoping this one is a nice return to acting for Affleck.

Check out the trailer below:

Runner, Runner opens in theaters on September 27.

[Image credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com]