June 16, 2013
New Syndicate trailer shows off agent tech

The Syndicate reboot's gunplay looks to be competent enough, but what I've really been interested in seeing more of is the game's technology - such as hacking - and all of the ways it can be used during gameplay.

Fortunately for me (and you, if you were also curious to learn more), EA sent out a new video today that focuses almost entirely on the agent tech you'll be using throughout the singleplayer campaign and in co-op missions.

EA has already shown us some of the mechanics on display in the latest video, such as the "DART 6" overlay that allows you to see enemies behind cover, slow down time and more, but there are a few more things shown off in the video as well.

The agent tech seems like it could be an interesting mechanic to play around with. To see what it looks like for yourself, watch the latest Syndicate trailer below.

Syndicate is due out February 21 in North America on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.