Shipwreck Filled With Gold? Steamer Discovered Off South Carolina Coast

A shipwreck which may contain gold treasure was discovered off the coast of South Carolina.

The fabled 19th century steamer was located on Sunday near Cape Romain. Dr. E. Lee Spence believes the SS Ozama could be filled with quite a bit of treasure.

The ship was originally used in the construction of the Panama Canal. Although it made several successful trips to the region during its heyday, the boat would eventually wreck in the Banamas in 1885. After it was repaired and returned to the seas, it was named Ozama after a river in the Dominican Republic.

“The vessel made a number trips to Panama and other ports in the Caribbean, sailing into turbulent times. Her colorful history is packed with events such as a mutiny and extensive gun and money smuggling to Haiti,” Dr. Spence explained.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the only wreck the boat suffered. The Ozama would eventually sink off the coast near Cape Romain after striking shoals. It has remained in this location ever since that fateful day.

Dr. Spence believes the shipwreck could contain millions of dollars in gold treasure since the boat has a history of being used in smuggling operations. Although he believes the Ozama might be filled with sunken booty, nobody has made the journey into the vessel to check things out.

“This ship had a long history of smuggling and of carrying large amounts of money, and I became the owner of it last year whenever I laid claim in federal court to this wreck and other wrecks that I found off Cape Romain, South Carolina. But I had no idea when I laid claim to it what it was, and it was just recently that I discovered its identity,” he explained.

Since Dr. Spence discovered the shipwreck, any gold he unearths would be his for the taking. Although reports suggest the steamer wasn’t carrying any cargo when it sank, he believes that the boat could be loaded with undeclared riches. Efforts are now underway to unravel the mystery.

Do you think the shipwreck off the coast of South Carolina contains gold treasure?

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