Tongue Patch Is New Weight Loss Miracle

Emma Flint

Would you sew a "tongue patch" into your mouth to lose weight?

This new weight loss miracle is the size of a postage stamp and is sewn onto your tongue.

It doesn't do anything apart from make it painful to eat solid food, meaning you'll only want to consume liquids to avoid discomfort.

It's certainly different from "miracle fat burner in a bottle" weight loss fads.

Made from the material typically used in hernia repairs, the patch is sewn in with six stitches and then remains in your mouth for a month.

There is a slight catch though: The tongue patch can begin to fuse with your tongue.

So, when it's removed, it's more likely to hurt than when you attempt to eat.

This extreme weight loss miracle - although you might be inclined to think otherwise - is meant for those who have no will power whatsoever to stick to a strict diet.

Yomaira Jaspe, a woman currently using this weight loss method, said the tongue patch was the only way she could successfully lose weight: "I don't have the willpower to go on a diet, so this was the only way,"

You'd also benefit from having a substantial amount of money in your bank if you decide the tongue patch is for you.

Currently in L.A., it costs $2,000 to have it sewn onto your tongue, which is a dramatic difference when compared with Venezuela where the procedure will only cost $150.

Whatever the amount paid, there is no doubting that the weight loss miracle actually works - within that month a patient can drop thirty pounds.

Alicia Zamora, Yomaira's mother, doesn't believe the tongue patch to be as extreme as it sounds:

"It's a good solution, I don't see it as extreme. It teaches you to eat differently and proves that there are alternatives."

Alternatives are one thing, but should weight loss really be painful? Yes, it should be a challenge, and it isn't always easy to stick to, but surely it shouldn't cause you to associate food with pain.

It will be interesting to see if celebrities like Rob Kardashian, who recently revealed his weight loss to the world, will choose to test this dieting aid.

With the tongue patch already generating mixed views, it seems a new weight loss miracle is set to change dieting forever.

[Image via Time World]