Dollar Shave Club’s ‘One Wipe Charlies’ Help Men Crack Butt Hygiene Problem [Video]

PRODUCT REVIEW | Dollar Shave Club has dropped a hilarious second viral video as well as a new product called “One Wipe Charlies,” which, if you can’t tell from the creative appellation, is for down there.

On their official blog this week, Dollar Shave Club announced the debut of their first non-shave product (in case you’re behind, they truck in affordable razors and fun). The new products are called One Wipe Charlies, and they’re described, quite bluntly, as butt wipes for men.

The reason, according to Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin, is simple:

“Dollar Shave Club began with a promise to make guys’ lives better by replenishing an often-used, always-pricey staple affordably and with simplicity. Our members deserve to have that promise extended to other products they use (or should use) everyday.

“Wherever we can offer excellent products that improve quality of life at a great value, we will. And we’re starting in the bathroom. One Wipe Charlies is our way of saying – boldly, indeed – we want to service your face, your ass, and everything in between.”

There’s a market for them, too. According to Dubin, nearly half of American men already use wipes instead of toilet paper anyway, so Dollar Shave Club is looking to step up and offer a superior wipe so that they can “own your bathroom.”

Having written about Dollar Shave Club before, one of their reps actually sent me a care package full of goodies so I could give you my totally biased educated opinion. It included:

One package of 40 peppermint-scented One Wipe Charlies; Smokin’ with Myron Nixon, a very manly barbecue recipe book; One $20 gift card to Omaha Steaks; One package of Stumptown coffee roasters; One Fiber One oats chocolate bar; One package of Smooth Move organic peppermint tea; One bottle of Sriracha hot sauce; One package of Mountain House chili mac with beef; One bottle of Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter ; and one razor with four, simple removable heads.

I’ll spare you the details and highly recommend these products here and now.

As you can tell from the contents of my care package and Dollar Shave Club’s second video (posted below), Dubin is leading a pretty viral brand that hopes to catch your eye with their unconventional sense of humor and complimentary appeals to your masculinity.

Turns out their painfully simple products don’t suck, either. Not by a long shot.

You can check out Dollar Shave Club’s blog post announcing One Wipe Charlies here (you’ll laugh) or check them out on Facebook and Twitter. Otherwise, watch their second hilarious video below (semi-NSFW). Father’s Day is right around the corner, you know. Just saying.