Japan Gets New TV Drama Based Around Twitter

If it had to happen, it would have to be Japan: Japanese viewers are about to get a TV drama based around Twitter.

Sunao ni Narenakute: Hard to say I love you is a TV drama centered on five young people meeting and starting relationships on Twitter.

The characters include Nakaji (Eita,) a photographer; Haru (Juri Ueno,) a temporary teacher at a private high school who is insecure because of her temporary status; Peach (Megumi Seki;) who keeps having an affair with her boss; Rinta (Tetsuji Tamayama,) works in “the glamorous publishing field” yet is impotent; and a doctor (Yeong Woong Jae Jung) who is stressed over his bad business dealings.

We wonder how well Twitter’s character limit will translate to television, but I’m sure they’ll make it work. The show starts April 15 on Fuji TV.

Trailer as follows (naturally in Japanese):

(in part via The Next Web)