Jay Adelson Quits As Digg CEO, Kevin Rose Steps Up To The Plate

Long serving Digg CEO Jay Adelson has announced that he is stepping down from the position after a five year run that saw the social sharing site grow to the top of its class.

Adelson explained in a post to the Digg blog that he feels that this is the right time to go, and that “the entrepreneurial calling is strong, and I am ready to incubate some new business ideas over the next twelve months.”

Noting what others are also noting, he adds “As the economy exits a very deep recession, I believe that it is an excellent time for new companies to develop.”

Digg founder Kevin Rose has stepped up to the plate and is now acting CEO and Chairman, although it wasn’t clear from the announcement whether this arrangement may become permanent.

Adelson will remain an “adviser” to Digg for the immediate future.