June 16, 2013
WikiLeaks Publishes Collateral Murder In Iraq Video

Wikileaks has today published classified US military video of a U.S. Army Apache helicopter murdering people on a Baghdad street in 2007.

The footage shows those on the street seemingly minding their own business until being fired upon. Worse perhaps is that among the people was a Reuters journalist who made the mistake of pointing his camera at the helicopter, a move the pilot mistook as a militant lining up an RPG.

In the second scene, having shot a pile of people, the helicopter then fires on a van that arrives on the scene in an attempt to rescue one of the survivors.

The body count for the day included around a dozen people, and several children were also injured.

The US military initially claimed after the attack that all the dead were "anti-Iraqi" forces or "insurgents," despite there being two Reuters journalists among the dead.

The footage below in disturbing, and before hitting play we emphasize that we're not joking when we say that.