Xbox One E3 2013 Teaser Drops [Video]

David Cornell

Xbox One just landed an E3 2013 teaser.

After the disappointing and game-changing Xbox One reveal last month, Microsoft still feels they can win us back with what they have to show at E3 2013. If it doesn't have to do with TV, Kinect, or the Call of Duty: Ghosts dog, it would definitely be something new. And so would any concrete answers to questions we've had since before the reveal.

For one, they need to confirm a change of plan to allow us to buy and sell games used without a second fee. DRM is not the way to go, and Twitter is abuzz with the protest as gamers everywhere are using the hashtags #PS4noDRM and #XBOXONEnoDRM to try to convince the next generation console makers to change their used-game policies. If they don't change it, Wii U could actually win this round.

The Xbox One E3 2013 teaser uses a simple unfolding square routine to show us highlights of what they have planned for the event. Xbox 360 is apparently still on Microsoft's mind, as well it should be. It has been the most successful console for nearly a decade, and has been part of the longest lasting generation in gaming history. Gamers won't be eager to let go of that console, despite the unfortunate announcement that the Xbox One would not be backwards compatible.

We're shown the logo for Forza Motorsport 5, showing that we might just see more racing action this time around. Halo 4 is also expected to be a subject of discussion at E3 2013. Splinter Cell: Blacklist is also part of the animated routine alongside Call of Duty: Ghosts. Apparently Microsoft is very proud of that game.

Gears of War can also be seen in the unfolding square animation, as well as a few regular yearly sports titles such as NBA Live and FIFA 14. Battlefield 4 and Dark Souls 2 also appear to be on the agenda. At the end, the video gives us dates and times for their portion of the E3 2013 event, and invites discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #XboxE3.

Are you excited to see what the Xbox One E3 2013 announcements have to say, or is it too late for Microsoft to win us back?