News Crew Attacked On Air In Rhode Island [Video]

The ABC6 news crew was attacked this morning while reporting about a shooting at a kindergarten graduation in Providence, Rhode Island.

The news crew was attempting to speak with Melissa Lawrence about the teenage boy who recently turned himself into police for the shooting. Lawrence, the mother of the teenage girl who was shot in the back, was not in the mood to talk to reporters.

ABC6 reporter Abbey Niezgoda tried to ask Lawrence about “how she felt” after the teenager turned himself into police but Lawrence didn’t feel like answering the question. Instead, the Rhode Island woman threw a rock at ABC6 photographer Marc Jackson, threatened the crew with a baseball bat, and then told her two dogs to attack the news crew.

Niezgoda was chased down the block by the dogs until Lawrence eventually called the attack off. Niezgoda suffered a dog bite wound on her forehead and had to seek medical attention.

The news crew filed a police report after the attack and Lawrence was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault.

On the bright side, her teenage daughter was released from the hospital earlier this morning.

Here’s a video of the news crew being attacked in Rhode Island.