Helena Bonham Carter Transforms Into Elizabeth Taylor In New Image [Photo]

Helena Bonham Carter was magically transformed into Elizabeth Taylor for an upcoming biopic.

Since nobody wants to remember the ill-fated Lindsay Lohan drama Liz & Dick, another production company is moving forward with a motion picture about the legendary actress.

Although many people didn’t think Carter looked anything like Taylor — even the actress admitted she didn’t resemble the Cleopatra star — make-up artists did their best to make the transformation happen. You can see the end result of their hard work below.

Helena Bonham Carter will be joined by actor Dominic West in the upcoming biopic. The 300 star will portray Taylor’s husband Richard Burton in the upcoming drama.

While both Liz & Dick and BBC Films’ Burton and Taylor chronicled the relationship between Taylor and Burton, the films tackle different events in their lives.

The BBC tale will concern itself with the couple’s ups and downs while taking part in a 1983 revival of Private Lives. The play ran for 63 shows on Broadway before it closed.

“It was probably the most chaotic time of life. It was fun and it was dark. Oceans of tears, but some good times too,” Taylor once said of the years she spent with her husband.

Directed by Richard Laxton, the 90-minute feature will air on BBC4 in the UK this fall. It’s unknown when or if the film will be picked up for audiences in North America.

Helena Bonham Carter has a number of project in the works. However, the busy actress can be seen next alongside Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in Gore Verbinski’s blockbuster The Lone Ranger. The film is slated to open in the US on July 3.

You can check out the image of the actress as Elizabeth Taylor below.

Are you a fan of Helena Bonham Carter? Are you looking forward to seeing her performance as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming BBC biopic?